Before I found Zumba & Piyo

Vickkie Parent

Before Zumba & Piyo strength came into my life I would work out at the gym every day because I felt like I had to and I hated every minute of it. It wasn’t fun and the time would go by so slow.  I never saw results that I was looking for so it would make me feel very frustrated and not motivated at all which made me even more stressed out & depressed.  Then as the years went by I got married and had 2 children and I did not have time for me anymore and if I did do something for myself I would feel really guilty.  I kept putting on weight, and pushed a lot of people away in my life that were close to me.  I was eating a lot of high fat fried foods, not exercising and the weight kept piling on and before I knew it I felt tired, sluggish and not the same person i used to be. I really was getting stressed out about everyday life & needed a change but didn’t know what. Then I took a Zumba class and was hooked right away.  I decided to become an instructor and offer classes that burn 1000 cal per hr getting a total body workout.  I know that people have busy lives and not a lot of time so I’ve designed my workouts for any fitness level so beginners or the more advanced could join my classes & feel comfortable and welcomed. My classes are only 4% of your day & taking time for yourself not only helps your mood etc it helped me be a happier wife and mother to my family. I try to have classes that are very easy to follow, burn a lot of calories regardless what age, gender, fitness level you are everyone can ZUMBA & Piyo in my class. No coordination or dance experience required. I know that ZUMBA & Piyo is not for everyone & some might say that my classes might be to hard of a workout but like I always say if it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you & if you keep coming weekly you will lose weight, get leaner, stronger & see results. I know from personal experience that losing weight is very hard and I work very hard in every class. The hardest part is maintaining your weight after you reach your goals. Exercise & Healthy eating is not temporarily it's a life time change. For me I've realized that exercising in a group fitness is so inspiring for all of us, keeps people motivated & the best part is its so much Fun! The people who come to my classes are not only my friends they are my Family. I want to thank all of my ZUMBA & Piyo Family for all the support and always being there for me.  I could not do what I do without all of you. I love Zumba & Piyo so much and I can say I thank GOD every day for bringing Zumba & Piyo into my life, it just didn't change my life emotionally and physically it saved it!